Wednesday, April 18, 2007

too many ideas

Maybe it's just that I'm still keyed up from the marathon tax session that culminated in my eFiling at 12:32 a.m. (just a half-hour past the deadline; I don't think they'll care). Or maybe it's that spring has finally reached this place and the snow is going fast.

Either way, I've got a million ideas of possible dyeing projects all competing in my head. So, I'm wondering what other people have decided to do?

Will you be dying yarn or roving? Overdyeing fabric? Dyeing paper or other stuff? Do you plan to make something of the yarn (or whatever) after you dye it -- or will you send it as grist for your pal's creativity? And will you be sending only stuff you dyed yourself -- or as a failsafe sending a few boughten dyed goodies?

I need to put down this cup of coffee now and get over the jitters. Perfect time for some meditative knitting.

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CraftyDiversions said...

I think I'll be dyeing both yarn and roving, and likely do both animal and cellulose fibers. At this time, I'm still undecided about whether I want to dye some silk fabric or scarves.