Thursday, April 26, 2007

question about unwanted discharge

Hi all, I have a question about how to get some troublesome colors to fully-set so there is zero discharge during a soak/wash. I love to use fully saturated colors and I've noticed that for some of my colors, like turquoise, no matter how much acidity I use, and no matter how long I do a "steam set", there is always a little bleed-out during a wash.

Is this common and expected with bold colors? Or should I stop using this troublesome dye (I really like the color)?

thanks! Jana

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wovengold said...

I have no useful information for you as I'm a novice at using acid dyes. But when you mentioned turquoise, I had to smile, as I've got some turquoise yarn that I've been hoarding for years. My handweaving instructor dyed it for me when I was making a huge Hudson Bay-looking blanket and couldn't find the right color. She had a heck of a time with it -- went thru several batches -- sweet woman. She told me turquoise was always difficult. But she got *exactly* the shade I wanted, and I love it so much I hate to use it. Silly.